Ciao Bella

An Italian-inspired flour company with inspiration from the Tuscan area. The Tuscan area is known for flours made from other sources than wheat. The color choice inspiration was taken from the natural elements, Buckwheat, Chickpea, and Chestnut. This product would be shipped in from small farms in Italy and therefore have a premium price. The design was crafted to reflect a more elegant and higher quality standard of product. Since the product would be sold in small batches and its use in the US is not as common as a standard wheat flour I found a smaller ziplock bag appropriate. Lastly, for a specialty product like this, I thought it would make it easier for the help consumer to understand what type of flour this is by putting the images of the raw elements on the package to better set it apart from others on the shelf.


Category Package / Label Creation

Industry Flour / Baking

Typefaces Modern No.216, Zurich, Avenir

Date April 2022

Instructor Sean Bacon / Bradford Prairie

Course Portfolio ARTG 148B


Sketch work
Back side of ciao bella flour bag


Oceanside, CA 92057