App created for the education website www.Lore.com. The company has a mobile site which is a small version of the full website and doesn't provide all the common conveniences that a communication app would. This app solves the problem of communication, file transfer, and organization.

I created this Facebook-style app with cool muted tones to create a sense of calmness and serenity, and only used brighter bold colors when needed to call your attention. Color is also used for the organization along with text labels, to ensure you stay organized. I chose the Graphik font for its thin lines and sophisticated style, which I feel also brings a sense of security to the design.


Category Mobile App

Industry Education 

Typeface Graphik

Completion Date December 2021

Instructor Paul Drohan

Course Mobile Design ARTG 126

4 phones lore gif


Oceanside, CA 92057