Mission Brewery


Mission Brewery is a mobile website project. I chose Mission due to the fact the company had no mobile presence. Mission has some stunning photography and I chose to showcase their photos by calling attention to important buttons with a brilliant red and making sure the buttons stood out against a dark brick texture. I chose large bold landing pages for easy navigation. Also, I imagined a beer selector for easy swiping and educating on the brewery's creations. I also wanted to incorporate purchasing through mobile since curbside pickup has become popular. I chose to stay close to the branding without changing the logo since the biggest focus was on creating a mobile presence, however, in the future, I would choose to redesign the logo and update their branding and unify their system.  


Category Mobile website concept

Industry Brewery

Typefaces Jersey M54, Avenir Next Lt, Avenir

Date February 2022

Instructor Paul Drohan

Course Mobile Experience ARTG 126 



Oceanside, CA 92057